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Friday, February 27, 2015

1690 MoYou stamping nails ,the World Polar Bear Day

Saving energy produced by carbon-based fuels reduces our carbon emissions and can slow and even reverse global warming, which causes sea ice to melt. Polar bears require sea ice for reaching their prey. Without sea ice, polar bears can't survive.On International Polar Bear Day,or starting any day you choose adjust your thermostat a few degrees (up or down, depending on where you live) to show your commitment to greenhouse gas reductions.International Polar Bear Day is organized to raise awareness about the impact of global warming and reduced sea ice on polar bear populationsIt celebrates the world's largest bear and land carnivore. The polar bear is a bear native largely within the Arctic Circle encompassing the Arctic Ocean, its surrounding seas and surrounding land masses.Polar bears are found in only five countries – Canada, Greenland, Norway, Russia, and the United States.What’s not so fun about polar bears is that they may not be around too much longer.  Polar bears are threatened by climate change; within the next 40 years, disappearing sea ice in the Arctic will likely result in polar bears disappearing from Greenland, Norway, Russia, and the United States.  By the end of the century, populations will only remain in the Canadian Archipelago.Unfortunately, Canada has not been doing a very good jot preparing for its stewardship role.  Instead of rolling out the welcoming mat, Canada is the only country that still allows the killing of polar bears for trophy hunting and international commercial trade.  With fur prices at record highs, quotas for populations in jeopardy have been set at unsustainable levels, against the expert advice of scientists.  Despite both domestic and international attempts to get Canada to do more to protect polar bears, it hasn’t curbed its appetite for the killing of around 500 polar bears per year.
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