na prodaju bicikl

na prodaju bicikl

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

1641 Awareness, bird feeding month > February

Bird Feeding Month aims to raise awareness of the needs of our little feathered friends and keep them going until the spring weather kicks in. During the cold winter months, wild birds have greater difficulty finding food to sustain themselves. Small, backyard birds don’t have body fat stores to keep them going through the winter and so need regular feeding.Food supplies are low due to the reduced vegetation, lack of insects and the sometimes frozen ground. Help them out by hanging tasty treats such as bird feeders filled with appropriate seeds, or suet and seed filled containers. Suitable food will be available in local pet stores and the store assistants should be able to give advice on choosing the right food for birds in the locality. Once the feeders are up, hours of pleasure can be had from backyard bird-spotting in anticipation of spring.
 Pigeons could find food for their own, but in winter it is very hard. Heat is going  under concrete plateau , so it is always dry place where i can put some bread and seeds
and i have 2 hot spot where i can find small parrots, they are starving ,during the snow time , because pigeons take it all food of them.i wake up my stay dogs Milica and Gara , i was to check their cartoon shelter, and put hit water in frozen pot ,and somehow it happened that Milica followed me on my mum way! we feed together our pigeon, close to their shelter, our parrots , they are always hidden on some small winter (christmas) tree
next spot is some small trade center where are my parrots . this tree is always empty, but when they see my yellow neon jacket they go on the tree.also,when i put food they go down under small bush ..see the pictures please 
 Milica is waiting me ...
so the tree is empty, parrots went down for a food 
here is me:
                       here is my mum entrance
 it is not Micko, Micko has long white mustache, it is Tomica
                   here is Princesa
 they are inside, in the ground floor, didnt hear my fried Pedja, who came to feed them :)
 and on my home way, parrots spotted me, so i had to left them again some seeds :)
when i passed this place, they went down again into this small bush for a seeds :) tree is empty 
Thanks for stopping by,sharing and commenting ,BUBICA !
 next day they wormed their self on the morning sun,  and ate all dog cakes
and this is what happened mostly 
this picture from google image shows : poor small bird  ;(
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