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Friday, August 7, 2015

2096 sea serpent day , twin post

August 7 annually recognizes a famous sea serpent sighting.  This sighting was made by the men and officers of HMS Daedalus in August 1848 during a voyage to Saint Helena in the South Atlantic.  The 60 foot long creature that they saw held a peculiar maned head above the ocean water.For hundreds of years there have been reported sightings of sea serpents and those reports continue today.  Cryptozoologist Bruce Champagne identified more than 1,2oo purported sea serpent sightings.There are some cryptozoologists that have suggested that the sea serpents are relict plesiosaurs, mosasaurs or other Mesozoic marine reptiles, an idea which is often associated with lake monsters such as the Loch Ness Monster.

pictures from Google image :

  +Glee Tree  and I so decided to make another twin post 
her and mine style is completly different , but the point is to be friendly on the web , and make new friendships by google + and blog  with coffee break 
have a look please at her blog , she has amazing nail art  , thank you !

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