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Saturday, August 8, 2015

2099 BPS< We are the World no1, Water polo World Championship 2015 , Serbia vs Croatia 11:4

Water polo World Championship 2015 , Serbia vs Croatia 11:4
Championship bracket
4 August
2 August
  Croatia 10
  Kazakhstan 86 August
  Montenegro 4
  Montenegro 12  Croatia (pen.) 10 (5)
4 August
2 August  Greece 10 (3)
  Greece (pen.) 7 (5)
  South Africa 18 August
  Australia 7 (4)
  Australia 17  Croatia
4 August
2 August
  Serbia 11
  Hungary 7
  Canada 26 August
  Italy 8
  Italy 8  Italy 6Third place game
4 August
2 August  Serbia 108 August
  Serbia 12
  Brazil 3  Greece (pen.) 7 (4)
  United States 7
  United States 7  Italy 7 (2)

so there is wonderful news

WATER POLO ,we are the World no 1
plus we are already won World water polo league 2015 ,and Europe Champions 2014
congrats for second place , to Croatia , and to Greece for third

this summer was so many news in sport , but i was a bit lazy to make post 
novak Djokovic won the third trophy in Wimbledon 2015
we won silver medal in the Men World volleyball league in Brazil 2015
we are the World no1 in junior football championship 2015
we are European no1 in women champion ship 2015 and who knows what else

so on facebook we use to make funny pics and joke :

Valentino Rossi is still leading Moto Grand Prix champion ship, for now !!!
he took a podium and  third place in Germany Moto GP race 2015

but it isn't necessary to say this time, you know it 
bye for now, i hope you like my new tattoo and manis
kisses , your BUBICA
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