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Sunday, August 23, 2015

2135 For the fastest ever man on the word , Usain BOLT, 9th gold medal on the world champion ship China 2015

i love this sport man!
he has clear carrier, no any doping
 Be Confident
“If you train hard, if you work hard every day of the week, you just got to go there and compete knowing you're in great shape," says Bolt. It's that simple. "If you are in the best shape you can be, it doesn’t matter if you lose, you know that you’ve done your best," says Bolt. Then, learn from that experience and figure out what you can do better next time. "That’s the key," says Bolt.

Olympic Games
Gold medal – first place2008 Beijing100 m
Gold medal – first place2008 Beijing200 m
Gold medal – first place2008 Beijing4×100 m relay
Gold medal – first place2012 London100 m
Gold medal – first place2012 London200 m
Gold medal – first place2012 London4×100 m relay
World Championships
Gold medal – first place2009 Berlin100 m
Gold medal – first place2009 Berlin200 m
Gold medal – first place2009 Berlin4×100 m relay
Gold medal – first place2011 Daegu200 m
Gold medal – first place2011 Daegu4×100 m relay
Gold medal – first place2013 Moscow100 m
Gold medal – first place2013 Moscow200 m
Gold medal – first place2013 Moscow4×100 m relay
Gold medal – first place2015 Beijing100 m
Silver medal – second place2007 Osaka200 m
Silver medal – second place2007 Osaka4×100 m relay
World Relay Championships
Silver medal – second place2015 Nassau4×100 m relay
CAC Championships
Gold medal – first place2005 Nassau200 m
Commonwealth Games
Gold medal – first place2014 Glasgow4×100 m relay
World Junior Championships
Gold medal – first place2002 Kingston200 m
Silver medal – second place2002 Kingston4x100 m relay
Silver medal – second place2002 Kingston4x400 m relay
World Youth Championships
Gold medal – first place2003 Sherbrooke200 m
Competitor for the Americas (orthographic projection).svg Americas
World Cup
Silver medal – second place2006 Athens200 m

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