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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

1282 Child of the broken flight , Broken wings monument in Sumarice

this is such a hear breaking monument for us
21 oct 1941 fascism nazi  occupants killed child from school (300 children between 8th and 15th years old )
at least they fusilladed , were killed several thousand people in just one day 21.oct 1941
they wanted spare the life of the second school director (principle's life), but he said to Nazis:
Shoot me,i am still lecturing
they were killed all at once :(
who want to know something about it ,can read on English in Wikipedia

To commemorate the victims of the massacre, the whole of Šumarice, where the killings took place, was turned into a memorial park. There are several monuments there; the "Broken Flight" monument to the murdered schoolchildren and their teachers, the monument of "Pain and Defiance", the monument "One Hundred for One", and the monument "Resistance and Freedom".

Desanka Maksimović wrote a poem about the massacre titled "Krvava Bajka" ("A Bloody fairy tale"). The Belgian poet Karel Jonckheere (1906-1993)wrote in 1965 the poem "Kinderen met krekelstem" [Children with cricketvoices]about the Kragujevac massacre. An English poet, Richard Berengarten, wrote a book of poetry, The Blue Butterfly, based on his experiences of visiting the commemorative museum at Šumarice in 1985 when a blue butterfly landed on his hand at the entry to the museum. In 2007, the title poem from the book provided the oratorio at the open-air memorial event for the victims at the annual commemoration of the massacre.
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