na prodaju bicikl

na prodaju bicikl

Sunday, October 19, 2014

1270 Bulgaria flag nail art froggy nails ✈We're gonna fly✈ like a bird✈ in the sky✈♪♫♬¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪♩♪♫♬

Bulgaria flag nail art (hand made) froggy nails

there is a lot of celebration in Europe, anniversary,
but i do really don't have a time to do non stop manicure !!~~~~ i do not have a free time`~~~~~~~ ,
heyyyyy~~~~~~ i need 28 h per day :( ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
even i dont have a time to do mani (manicure) about my town (Belgrade) anniversary
70 years of freedom since World War II , that is why Strizi ♥ ( Strizhi ) came here !
first i must do vr46  and Philllip Island manicure :DDDD
things happens every day ..and i am late !
and a lot of mine friends ☆ ask me to do some pictures :)
16th October is day of Bulgarian Air Force
some fact on Wikipedia
so this is a pictures for all guys who knows to fly on Su and M29  :)))))
i was doing it couple of hours , so hope someone even will like it

pictures i have added are still property of their owner, but it was my inspiration

there is a copied text translated by Google :
Bulgaria marks the 102nd anniversary of the creation of the Air Force. On 16 October 1912, two Bulgarian pilots were first used the plane as a weapon over the Edirne Jedren (Turkey). 1963 of the 16th of October was declared a day of aviation and military-air forces of Bulgaria. This year's celebration of the holidays began on 11 October air the show "That's what we" Sofia that gathered tens of thousands of spectators.
picture from Google image:

this song goes with this post
Sonique -SKY
♪♫♬  ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪♩♪♫♬ We're gonna fly like a bird in the sky✈✈✈✈
Hello ,I would like to thank You for expressing your interest.
Here is some of my  unposted pictures.
I am not professional nail artist,this is JUST MY HOBBY !
Sometimes we don't have as much time as we would like for nail painting.
I put every time a base coat,transparent,to avoid stains on my nails,and after that coat I apply thin coat of French white .Nail polish has to be fresh , as it will dry so fast ,and also next coat will have better looking color.
Let the nails dry,and after that always apply finish transparent coat to protect your painting
and prevent it to be fray or rugged nail color.
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