na prodaju bicikl

na prodaju bicikl

Friday, January 23, 2015

1580 Born Pretty ,Measure Your Feet Day.......feet are mirror of your health!

 Having a day dedicated to feet seems like a bizarre concept, but surprisingly, one does exist. Measure Your Feet Day is a holiday with a difference, and one where you have the opportunity to give your feet a little more attention! People rarely think about their feet, but they are a vital part of our everyday lives and require as much care as any other part of our bodies.
Making sure that you have shoes that actually fit your feet is one of the best ways to keep them healthy and prevent any problems occurring. When was the last time you took a proper measurement of your feet?
There’s no better time to get the tape out the bottom of your drawer and recheck their size than Measure Your Feet Day. Make sure you take a note of the exact measurements so you can get properly fitting shoes.
 i used w15  plates
if you want to see the other stamping  plate image that i have ,
see there on my posts my-stamping-plates
if you want to order this plates from Born Pretty Store  please ,
this time  use 10% off coupon code VVG10

mine are 22,5 cm  in case someone want to by my a sandals , here :
-alice-in-wonderland-i-bubica ,,i will appreciate you a lot ,,hahahaha
i have several colors. every years i collect one by one: red black, turquoise, pink blue..but i dont have still what i want ,showed on this post above, duo color aor tree color sandals .
i have only this one , but i have tried on many pairs :) i must have :(
so do you take care only on 4 fingers on left hand , because of blog nail art 

or you care of both hands and legs ? have you ever posted some pedicure here , like i use to do ?
take care abut your feet, they are mirror of your health !
                                                     winter                 and           summer manicure :)
for this look i must have :) seat salt ,tea tree spray, pure petroleum (vaselin) , olive oil,
 powder Felce Azzurra , pantenol mint gel,
I would like to thank You for expressing your interest.
I am not professional nail artist,this is JUST MY HOBBY on my NATURAL NAILS !

you can have a look  and follow my blog about nature flowers animals etc  :    Thanks for stopping by,sharing and commenting ,BUBICA !
picture from google images:
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