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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

2535 The World Giraffe day

World Giraffe Day is an exciting annual event initiated by GCF to celebrate the longest-necked animal on the longest day or night (depending on which hemisphere you live!) of the year – 21 June – every year!
Not only is it a worldwide celebration of these amazing and much loved animals, but an annual event to raise support, create awareness and shed light on the challenges giraffe face in the wild. By supporting World Giraffe Day (WGD) you directly help save giraffe in Africa. With only 90,000 giraffe remaining in the wild, the time is right to act NOW!
Zoos, schools, NGOs, governments, institutions, companies and conservation organisations around the world are hosting events on 21 June every year to raise awareness and support for giraffe in the wild.
World Giraffe Day – 21 June 2016
After an amazing World Giraffe Day 2015 with Operation Twiga and the successful translocation of endangered Rothschild’s giraffe into a new area in Uganda, the Giraffe Conservation Foundation is excited to launch a new campaign for World Giraffe Day, 21 June 2016: Putting people at the centre of giraffe conservation.
Giraffe populations across the African continent face different challenges that require unique approaches to securing their future. For World Giraffe Day 2016, GCF is launching two major fundraising awareness campaigns for Kenya and Namibia, with the goal of raising US$50,000 for each respective country.

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