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Friday, January 24, 2014

501 Challenge HI5 symbol which represents your country for you (a building, a flag, an aninal, a statue

i am pleased that i have been nominated by +Marieta García López onto her blog:
to make an challenege  with symbol which represents your country for you( a building,flag,an animal,a stutue and etc)

 The rules are:
- You have to name the person who challenged you and do a manicure of the challenged topic.
- Choose one new topic, whatever you want- I choose for the next themeSOME  FLOWERS WHICH REPRESENTS YOUR COUNTRY FOR YOU
- Nominate five girls and tell them. I nominated to:
+Margriet Sijperda 
+fife fantasi Nails 
+Ithfifi Williams 
+silvia jackson 
+Candace Miranda Prescott 
+Szilvia A. 
+Naomi Sz 
 so i did my nails by +Marieta García López and made flag of my country and also make logo of the most known ambassador of my country  Novak Djokovic
and this picture is from official Novak web site :
and my mani is :
do you like it ?
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