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Saturday, April 11, 2015

1811 MoYou stamping plate , Pet day 11th Apr , “adopt, don’t shop.” "Mala dont cry , i cry for you "

 Pet Day is a chance for those of us who own pets to show them how much we love them.We all can think of the traditional things: a new toy, some tasty treats, or a long walk in the park, maybe a game of fetch, assuming you have a dog! But, think outside the box and come up with some ideas to celebrate your relationship with your pet. Once you have indulged your own animals with their favourite treats, why not consider donating to a shelter or or other animal welfare organization?
There are so many neglected and unwanted animals waiting for some love and attention. You can donate your time, or you can donate food or other supplies. Every little bit helps. If you don’t already own a pet, what better time to adopt one?
keep in mind  “adopt, don’t shop.”

i miss you  

i thought i would never have again pet, because i still suffer for my died Bubica.i had her from 1999yr
but now , after my mam died i took her girl terrier :Mala  or Zujka is her name, to my home
My mam adopted her from street  8 years ago..probably she has about 9 or 10yr
Mala is mostly sad ( she was living at my mam home with another street adopted male terrier :ZULE, he isnt alive anymore he was almost 20yr old, refused to eat ,sadly,become so weak...
Zule is in the sky with my mam)
so i didnt want to awake her to pose me,,just i took picture

 stamping with MoYou plates  princess-plate-collection-03 from MoYou
also in this label you can see clear pictures on MoYou stamping plates that i have : stamping plates

because i dont have time to be here,i dont feel very well , i must admit 
Thank you ,once again, deep from my heart 
when i like some of your nail art i will put for sure at least one plus ,
 i will not comment for a while, i cant i cant 
thanks for understanding !
yours BUBICA !
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